Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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Keeping your carpets healthy

Dust and debris in your carpeting will add to it's general poor appearance and are a harbour for dust mites. All of our customers vac their carpeting regularly but it's important to make sure the right of choice of vacuum is used. In general terms if your carpeting is a loop pile use a machine without a brush or beater bar. Regular cleaning with a brush machine will lead to strands being loosened from the loop causing pilling and damaging the fibre. A cut pile will be fine. Vacuum regularly to prevent loose soil saturating the pile. Some find their machines performance deteriorates over time so If your machine has filters ensure they are cleaned once every 3 weeks, more often if you have pets. For a vacuum to suck it must have airflow through the filters, I find having two sets of filters eases the situation, whilst one is washed and drying a fresh one can be fitted straight away. Pre motor filters should be replaced at least once a year. Bagless vacuums will benefit having the cyclone areas 'tapped out' once a month. A small hand brush is useful. Machines that use bags. Use a fresh clean bag often even if it is not full. Particles of dust will block the the fine mesh inside bags reducing your vacuums performance. With brushes and beater bars check for debris which can wrap itself around the bristles. It's easily cleared using a pair of nail scissors to cut it clear, be careful not to cut off the bristles. When using a vacuum it's the backward stroke with upright machines that is doing the business, use the crevice tool around the edges for all those little bits of fluff. Be sure to move furniture where possible.

We recommend yearly deep cleaning with our professional cleaning service and If you have pets you may consider more frequent cleans. Regular vacuuming will extend the life of your carpeting considerably but there will still be abrasive grit deep in the pile. We empty and clean our recovery tanks after each job so be sure to ask to see the clean recovery tank before we start and then take a look afterwards. The grit and debris that has been extracted with professional cleaning can clearly be seen. It is this grit that degrades and wears the pile on your carpeting so keep you vac in good order, it will save you a fortune.

For further information call Simon on 01263 833424 or call text mobile 07876497897. Email us here.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cromer Carnival

Arena Cleaning Services.

Cromer Carnival week this week lots and to see and do lots more information on this dedicated site. Enjoy the sunshine.

Refresh not renew

Arena Cleaning Services
 Most find this time of year ideal for a spot of decorating and may be replacing items that seem past their best. The cost of replacing items like carpets and upholstery may seem a luxury but there is every chance my professional cleaning services can offer a new lease of life. Cleaning is a fraction of the cost of renewal, will clean deep into the fibres removing damaging grit and dust and most marks and stains. I always take great care and use my experience to offer you the best possible results. Call me now 01263 833424 or send an email, text/mobile 07876 497897.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Arena Cleaning Services are proud to be associated with T.A.C.C.A. The approved Carpet Cleaners Association.

 A large group of Professional Carpet Cleaners are joining forces. We are in the process of setting up a new company called "The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association".

This group is designed to get the public aware of this new organisation so that we can put an end to cheap nasty carpet cleaners. Anyone can join this face book group and pass the word on.

Are you sick of cheap carpet cleaning companies doing a terrible job and giving high quality cleaners a bad name? then The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association is for you.

We are here to inform the public that not all carpet cleaning firms are cowboys who fill your carpets full of water and soap, then take your money and run, aka splash and dash.

Criteria for joining T.A.C.C.A. are, education,members must have at least 2 certificates showing attendance for carpet cleaning education. uniformed staff and a livered van.

More importantly a very professional approach to there work with a friendly attitude to there clients and finally, decent equipment to do the job right.

E.g if you own a rug doctor or karcher puzzi then your not eligible to be a member of TACCA, these underpowered machines are giving us high quality cleaners a bad name.

So! join us and lets educate and look after the public.

Together lets spread the word of TACCA, not all carpet cleaners are bad.

T.A.C.C.A, taking the headache out of choosing the right cleaner for you.
Join our group now and help us to spread the word about this new venture!