Sunday, 20 January 2013

Adverse weather Conditions

Arena Cleaning Services have so far managed to keep all our appointments and we intend to continue to do so despite rather trying conditions. If you have an appointment over the next 7 days please do not worry unless we contact you, your appointment is secure. I will give a courtesy call 24hrs before we are due. Should you need to contact us please do so. Office 01263833424. Mobile 07876497897. You can also tweet us using the panel on the right or email via our website on our Contact Us page. Thanks. Simon. Website

North Walsham Guide - Arena Cleaning Services

North Walsham Guide - Arena Cleaning Services

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Easter Early Again?

Okay so it's not strictly related to cleaning issues but the last few years has not seen our best weather, but it is frustrating when you live in a rural area that the Easter Holiday continues to be issued dates from late March to mid April.

The original plan I recall was to split the bank holidays more uniform throughout the year but Easter is the only bank holiday that moves around. According to the offical UK Government website This year Good Friday is the 29th March but next year 2014 Good Friday is the 18th April. For the sake of those communities that rely heavily on tourism like our lovely county of Norfolk the early Easter with it's poor weather generally keeps visitors away and this includes the following two weeks when students have their first real term break. Sites we service during the season like Manor Farm Caravan & Camping Park just did not require our services this early and most would prefer that Easter falls later in the year. The early Easter also deters other seasonal attractions and shops from opening because of the long gap between Easter and the early May Bank Holiday. A later Easter would encourage those to open and remain open until the season starts in earnest. Schools also suffer because between February half term break (18th to 22nd) there follows a short term of just four weeks until Easter. The May break ends on The 3rd June leaving a nearly 8 week term to the summer break. A later Easter would resolve this too as Easter could have a week before and a week after. 

Tourism plays a significant role in seasonal and rural economies and parks and attractions need the income to use services they need. Services like mine. With less staff wages and lower staff demands it follows that general stores and services will be required less bringing more threat to jobs in the area. True we can not heap all the blame on the ever moving Easter break but there is no doubt it is a contributing factor. 

2015 we return to an early Easter which is certainly no use to most people so petition your local MP to try to keep Easter late.

Oh and don't get me started on British Summer Time!!

Be good to your carpets and kind to your upholstery.

Simon Demmen
Arena Cleaning Services