Sunday, 30 October 2011

Why We Vacuum

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Arena Cleaning Services believe it's really important to vacuum carpeting and upholstery before we clean them. The photo depicts what we vacuumed from an average sized lounge, now you know why we pre-vac. If we had applied our pre-treatment over the dust and debris the penetration would of been limited and we would of done nothing better than create "mud pies" By removing as much dry soil as possible we allow our specialist solutions the best possible chance to loosen soiling in the pile and flush it all away. Make sure your carpet cleaning professional vacuums first, please visit our website or contact us on 01263 833424, 07876497897 or email to discuss our range of services and how we can be of service to you.

Simon Demmen

Arena Cleaning Services

Friday, 21 October 2011

Can I Clean My Carpets Myself?

"Can I clean my carpets myself?"

A question I am often asked, well actually the question I am often asked is do I hire equipment out. Like many areas in life sometimes it's just better to call in a professional. An example. A flat tyre is quite straight forward to change, there's a spare in your boot with an adequate jack and the job can be done relatively easily,  job done. But there is still the flat tyre. When I was much younger a flat tyre on my bike could be fixed with a tube of glue, a patch, and in my case a couple of mum's spoons (don't mention that, I always denied it because they ended up really bent out of shape) A car tyre present a more tricky proposition and is certainly beyond the scope of spoons. There are tools you need to get the job done and then after that the wheel will need balancing so it spins true, this is done by adding weights. So what has this got to do with a simple job like cleaning your carpet?

Some points to consider.

  • ·        Are you aware of what your carpet is made off or how it is constructed? Is it wool, a wool blend, or a man made fibre? Is it tufted or woven, does the weave contain cotton; could you do a test to find out? This is important because a general or all purpose cleaner as supplied by some hire companies may not be suitable for your particular carpet. Arena Cleaning Services test for correct chemical selection, and the right method of cleaning. Strong chemicals can strip your expensive wool carpet, some Wiltons will shrink. Trust us to make the right choice. 

  • ·        Pre-treatment & agitation. The bond between the soil and the carpet fibre needs to be broken down causing it to emulsify allowing it to be removed. Filling a machine with water and soap and starting to clean will likely cause poor results. There is not enough contact time for the soil to emulsify, at this point it’s tempting to go over it again and again which will cause over wetting ( I’ll cover this later) Pictured right is our agitation machine, not the sort of thing one has tucked under the stairs and at £1500 why should you have. We use a pre-treatment spray specifically for your type of carpet then use the agitation machine to ensure all sides of the pile get equal distribution and split the soiling away from the pile. This also lifts and separates matted pile.  We are detergent free and eco friendly with the solutions we use, they are safe, now thats piece of mind.

  • ·        Stain treatment. Arena Cleaning Services treat the stains using specialist chemicals and techniques. I still take training courses to learn new techniques even after 20 years in the industry. Much damage can be caused even using high street spot removers. I do not take the chance, why should you?

  • ·        Extraction and rinse. It is really important all the soil and residue is rinsed, neutralised and extracted. Consider the washing machine. It fills with water and soap; turns over a lot slowly (agitation) then the load is flushed with water and rinsed. A hire machine has the water and soap in the machine it’s flushed through your carpet and then some of it is extracted by the vacuum. Job done? Not really it’s left a residue of water and soap in the pile. When this eventually dries and the water evaporates it’s just the soap left. Sticky residue leads to carpets getting dirty quick because the pile is acting like sticky tape, gathering dust and pollutants in the air and the dirt from shoes, bare feet, socks, the kids and the dog. Hire machines lack the recovery power and the pressure to get the job done efficiently. It might do the job with lots of dry passes but one needs a lot of patience. That’s assuming the wet passes have been controlled avoiding wetting out the backing. We use water or the appropriate neutralising rinse solution at pressures up to 600 psi with the latest high powered vacuums to recover all the soil and treatments leaving the pile squeaky clean and in a balanced condition.

  • ·        Over wetting, what the problems are. Using too much water will wet out the pile and the back of the carpet, this can cause mould and fungus over prolonged drying times. Carpets with natural fibre backings can shrink or the natural dye can be release and wick up the pile as it dries causing brown stains to appear. Over wet carpeting is the most common reason I am called out.

It’s all about perspective. I can take my family to the cinema and get a pizza for under £50.00 and watch a multi million dollar blockbuster, without a care in the world. Arena Cleaning Services have invested £1000’s of pounds in equipment and training so you can sit back, relax, and have your carpets or upholstery cleaned without a care in the world, all from less than family night out at the cinema. That has to be a bargain, doesn’t it?

Trust a professional, trust Arena Cleaning Services.

Simon Demmen

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Storm Arrives!

 Arena Cleaning Services

Member of the Approved Carpet Cleaners Association. No. 0011

As I mentioned in our last blog we have taken the descision to upgrade our extraction machine from the AirFlex Turbo to the latest 2011 AirFlex Storm.There are many reasons for this but essentially it will benefit our customers with better results, faster drying and the piece of mind Arena Cleaning Services is always investing in the latest innovations, whether it's cleaning solutions or industrial machinery. Comparing our significant investment to offer the best possible service, to very under powered hire equipment is it any wonder we are busier than ever.

Whilst in Nottingham at Cleansmart I also took a refresher course with Derek Bolton. Derek was my original training director nearly 20 years ago with The National Carpet Cleaners Association. It was great to meet with him again and discuss our industry with one of the true innovators of our industry. Other candidates were also free to discuss all aspects of cleaning and it's science, it was both a unique and educational experience and proof what a benefit it is to get together with like minded individuals for the benefit of all.

Simon Demmen
Arena Cleaning Services

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Away Day

Arena Cleaning Services

Decided to take a couple of days off and head to Nottingham. Taking a refresher course with the venerable Mr Bolton at Cleansmart, I like to sharpen my skills and keep up to date. The course is on Friday so I decided to go up a day early and have the Airflex Turbo upgraded to latest Storm specification, link. For those interested in the technical aspect, the Storm has only two vac motors but these together are more efficient  and powerful than the tripple vac Turbo. This together with a rather clever pump out system and remote operation for the vacs, pump and pump out offer me considerable time saving opportunities when working at distance from the machine. Leaving the machine this left me at a loose end so I decided to catch up with my cinema viewing, just have not had time lately. Found the showcase just across the road using Google on my phone (clever things these mobiles) so booked in for Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy and the The Debt. Amazingly if I had taken a dog with me it would of made two of us, otherwise I was on my own! Really enjoyed both movies and as long as you are not expecting a Bourne or Bond movie they are worth taking the time. Staying overnight at a Hotel in West Bridgford. It's near Trent Bridge cricket ground and only 4 miles away. I also found The test Match Hotel which served a good steak and is within walking distance. Looking forward to getting back to Norfolk despite the A17/A52 and trying out my upgraded kit.

Simon Demmen
Arena Cleaning Services

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Long but Satisfying Day

Arena Cleaning Services

Member of  The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association. No 0011

First Job Monday was a lovely lady in Mundesley. She has been a regular customer for over 10 years and our yearly trip always gives me a touch of nostalgia. We have family in the village and for a couple of years I lived there with my wife, it was our first flat. Mundesley is one of those quaint seaside villages that are great to visit anytime. Had a bit of time this afternoon to organise the van, then this evening a little contract work. Finally a bit of a late start to clean pub carpet. It's been around 18 months since I last cleaned this one so it took a little longer than anticipated but it cleaned really well. Working in Weybourne tomorrow with a quote to fit in on the way back to the office. It's something I always prefer to do personally.

Simon Demmen

Arena Cleaning Services