Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Storm Arrives!

 Arena Cleaning Services

Member of the Approved Carpet Cleaners Association. No. 0011

As I mentioned in our last blog we have taken the descision to upgrade our extraction machine from the AirFlex Turbo to the latest 2011 AirFlex Storm.There are many reasons for this but essentially it will benefit our customers with better results, faster drying and the piece of mind Arena Cleaning Services is always investing in the latest innovations, whether it's cleaning solutions or industrial machinery. Comparing our significant investment to offer the best possible service, to very under powered hire equipment is it any wonder we are busier than ever.

Whilst in Nottingham at Cleansmart I also took a refresher course with Derek Bolton. Derek was my original training director nearly 20 years ago with The National Carpet Cleaners Association. It was great to meet with him again and discuss our industry with one of the true innovators of our industry. Other candidates were also free to discuss all aspects of cleaning and it's science, it was both a unique and educational experience and proof what a benefit it is to get together with like minded individuals for the benefit of all.

Simon Demmen
Arena Cleaning Services