Thursday, 31 May 2012

Some Nice Things....

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There really are some nice things about carpet cleaning. Not only is it rewarding more importantly it's the interesting people I meet along the way many of whom become friends. There are some in our industry who rush from job to job and not really take the time to appreciate the benefits, rewards and job satisfaction. Just today I visited a regular client and it was nice to catch up over a nice cup of tea relaxing in the lovely garden basking in the sunshine. There are not too many vocations that would allow me the time to do that. I then had the opportunity to travel across to Stalham where a gentlemen across from the United States is preparing a property and I was happy to fit in some carpet cleaning before he heads back. Tomorrow I have my first visit to a local nursing home, it's the variety that makes my day worthwhile. 

I have to say when I am working due to noise I use ear defenders if the machine is not in the van so it's a great opportunity to listen to music or my preference podcasts, cricket or audio books. I have recently enjoyed the Harry Potter books read by the incomparable Stephen Fry, well characterised I was not sure I would enjoy them but it really did surprise me. Busy bank holiday coming so hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

whatever your plans remember be good to your carpets and kind to your upholstery.

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