Thursday, 12 April 2012

Latest Update

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Well the Easter break is just about over and despite some troublesome weather I hope you made the best of the long weekend with your families. School holidays mean we resume our seasonal cleaning duties at Manor Farm Caravan & Campsite, it was great to see the team there all rearing to go and making those essential finishing touches that makes it a great family park and a pleasure to be associated with. 

With spring in the air it's time to have a real good spring clean for those carpets, or that's what Jackie tells me. (The Wife) She is not too pleased having to wait to have our carpets cleaned but I have to say for those that have children or pets you have been quick off the mark as we have been taking confirmed appointments for the latter half of April and most from our website and recommendation, sadly not so with yellow Pages. It worked for us well a few years ago but so often I see them still sealed. I suspect with the ease of getting online most people like myself just use our favourite search engine.

A quick update on our AirFlex Storm. All going very well but I did consider that the remote system had developed a fault, but I need not have worried, it took some working out and Jackie's suggestion I change the battery in the key fob. It takes a women so i'm told. Mmmm £2.50 and all sorted. So if you have a Storm keep some 23A 12V batteries handy and change after about 4-5 months depending on use.

Congratulations to Roxanne, Rosa and Bret on completing the Sport Relief Challenge, at last count they raised well over £100, well done to all! In other non work news Daughter Becky has been home from University for an Easter break and it has been really great to see her, come Saturday she will be heading back so we can all go back to missing her, still a nice family dinner out on Friday to look forward to, but we did miss James.

Be good to your carpets and kind to the upholstery.

Simon Demmen